Bitkub Blockchain Technology cooperates with UXDEE Thailand to announce “SKITz Application” to become a social lifestyle platform on Bitkub Chain

Bitkub Blockchain Technology (Bitkub Chain developer and Blockchain Total Solution Provider and Bitkub Venture (Under Bitkub Capital Group Holdings) cooperate with UXDEE (Thailand) and agree to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to announce “SKITz Application” to become a social lifestyle platform on Bitkub Chain by integrating with blockchain technology and non-fungible token (NFTs)

The users can get to know others by using SKITz application together with receiving rewards as digital tokens for achieving several mission from the application. By doing this, there is an integration between blockchain technology and non-fungible token (NFTs) to allow users to mint “Collectible Card”, “Discount Card” and “Collectible” and maximize the efficiency of the non-fungible token (NFTs).

There are several features on the SKITz Application including

  1. News Feed — The users can see the updates of other users at the specific places
  2. Check-In — By implementing the location service feature, the users can check in to the certain places and enjoy several activities
  3. Music — The users can also ask for the music even if they are at events or concerts which most of them should be partners and connect to the SKITz application
  4. Promotion — The users can monitor the activities and promotion of SKITz partners and events. Thus, this will facilitate event organizers to easily promote their campaign
  5. Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) — The highlighted feature of this cooperation is to integrate blockchain technology into the above-mentioned features. Thus, this will allow the users to mint Collectible Card, Discount Card, and Collectible. In addition, the users can also receive the reward as a digital token for accomplishing the mission or creating a marketplace on the SKITz application

“Bitkub Chain’s obligation is to support the growth of Thai developers as we saw the use case of SKITz application which its feature is relatively different from others. In addition, the SKITz application will strengthen Bitkub Chain’s ecosystem” said Passakorn Pannok, CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology

“In the application, the users can mint NFT from community vote to be further used as a gift token feature in the future. Also, if there is more utility on NFT, the minter will be received shares to further develop their projects,” said Surapong Pholprasert, CEO of UXDEE (Thailand)

“Under this cooperation, SKITz features are relatively different from others in which the users can ask for the song or give some tips to the singer. In addition, SKITz application also has new innovation related to Thai people which is “Big Data” so that this will enhance the efficiency from the state-of-art technology.” said Ms. Naowarat Thammasuaydee, CEO of Bitkub Ventures

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