Bitkub NEXT, the decentralized digital asset wallet on Bitkub Chain from the first day to 1 million users

Bitkub Chain, the blockchain infrastructure developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., aims to be an infrastructure of Thai blockchain ecosystem by allowing anyone to interact with decentralized applications, has been operating for 1 year since 28th April 2022. Now, Bitkub Chain has already achieved 1 million users of Bitkub NEXT *(Recently updated on 10th August 2022).

Bitkub NEXT is the digital asset wallet developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., launched on 7th May 2022. It is an important function to interact with decentralized applications (DApp). Bitkub NEXT can be used globally from 80 countries worldwide via web browser and android application in which the IOS application will be launching soon according to the roadmap

In the past 1 year, there were several functions built on Bitkub NEXT concluded as follows:

Digital Asset Wallet On Bitkub Chain

Bitkub NEXT’s main function is to use as a digital wallet to keep digital tokens and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) operating on Bitkub Chains such as Bitkub Coin (KUB), FANS Token, KUSDT, KUSDC, KBTC, Popcoin, YES Token, Lumi, Token from Morning Moon Village, Fans Dungeon and Dice Kingdom game. For NFTs, it will be compatible with Bitkub Chain’s partners' projects badge (Registered, Verified, and Official).

KUB Coin Lock & Drop

According to Bitkub Chain Whitepaper V2.2, KUB Coin holders can enjoy rewards through Bitkub NEXT. Lock & Drop feature allows KUB holders to lock their KUB Coin within a certain period of time and earn various digital asset wallet, as well as other lifestyle rewards from partners. On 27th June 2022, Bitkub Chain announced the “KUB On The Rock” package to allow users to lock KUB and get a bonus as KBTC and KUSDT.

Security Improvement With KYC feature (Know Your Customer)

Bitkub NEXT was designed and tested with high-standard of technology for security improvement. KYC (Know Your Customer) feature was already launched on 8th July 2022 with protection to anonymous that wish to harm users’ assets.

Platform And DApp Connection On Bitkub Chain

Bitkub NEXT’s main function is to interact with the decentralized applications (DApp) on Bitkub Chain. The users can use Bitkub NEXT to connect with the decentralized application (DApp) such as Bitkub NFT, Bitkub Chain Bridge, Morning Moon Village, KUB Name Service, and any other project as well.

Other Features

In addition, the users can use other features on Bitkub NEXT as follows

  1. Set and remove profile picture with NFT
  2. Transfer digital assets (both coin and NFT)
  3. Transfer KUB to Bitkub Exchange

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BITKUB CHAIN Power by Bitkub Blockchain Technology

BITKUB CHAIN Power by Bitkub Blockchain Technology

Established in April 2021. Bitkub Chain aims to lay the foundation of the local Blockchain ecosystem in Thailand.