“FOMO NO MORE”, an art auction event where art enthusiasts should definitely not miss! Only on 1st-7th May 2022


The cooperation between giants in their respective industry, digital assets and art, represented by Jirayut Srupsrisopa from Bitkub, Yaovanee Nirandorn founder of well-known Art Museum 129 and 129 Art Advisory, Piriya Vachajitpan co-founder of Thai Art Collector Association bring us Thailands’ first advance Phygital art auction. A seamless integration of Digital NFT arts in the virtual world and Physical arts in the real world. This event gives an amazing opportunity for artists to develop new artworks while also expanding the art industry to transcend time and imagination.

In this event, the winner of the auction will not only receive their winning NFTs but will also receive physical arts by well-known artists who have been specially selected for this event. For example, Sakwut Wisetmanee, Thailand’s №1 portrait artist, will produce a painting for one winning bidder. His work is characterized by powerful and quick-tempered lines that maintain the tone of the model’s drawings, bringing the artwork to life with an outstanding sense of feeling. Kamin Lertchaiprasert is a Thai artist who has gained an international reputation. His collection includes a rare work that was painted more than 30 years ago during his time studying in New York City. Angkarn Kalayanapong, a deceased national artist, direct disciple of Silpa Bhirasri, who was known as the “Father of Modern Art.” Thongchai Srisukprasert, beloved by many art enthusiasts, is a well-known artist who applies and transforms Thainess to be in line with the contemporary world. Line Censor (Kiatanan Lamchan) was the first Thai artist to enter the world of NFT and was extremely successful, setting records in prices both on international and Thai platforms, gaining recognition and fans from all over the world. An artist with a philosophy degree, Niam Mawornkanong creates works full of perceptions. Congenital color blindness causes the colors that appear in each of his pieces to appear unusual and fascinating in a way that no other can replicate. Yuree Kensaku,

a well-known female artist from her unique and colorful characters designed, but within that colorfulness contains a strong societal perspective. Lastly, Jiggy Bug (Chaiporn Panichrutiwong) is an respected artist whose work is well-known and widespread in the field of animation.

This auction is run by The Art Auction Center, a successful art auction company in Thailand that has made a phenomenal record amounted to almost 80 million baht in the previous two auctions.

KUB M Gallery

The cooperation between Bitkub NFT and The Art Auction Center enhanced the new dimension of art auction by combining the physical and digital world together via the art auction event called “FOMO NO MORE”. The first time with KUB M Gallery to experience the new way of art with an area displayed several authentic arts at Bitkub M Social Emquatier and allow the users to check the auction detail, bidder list, price per bid and specify the bidding amount at each time on Bitkub NFT platform. In addition, the bidder can exclusively see the NFTs before the auction event started from the 1st May 2022 to 7th May 2022 at Bitkub M Social Emquatier Helix Building 9th floor. The users can also participate the final auction day on 7th May 2022 at Bitkub M Social Emquatier Helix Building 9th floor. (The registration start from 13:00–16:00 o’clock and the auction start from 14:00 o’clock). Within the event, the QR code will be displayed on the monitor for bidder to scan and access to Bitkub NFT platform.

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