Let’s bring back a sense of nostalgia to the special events on Bitkub Chain on the occasional of Bitkub Chain first anniversary

Bitkub Blockchain Technology, Bitkub Chain and Blockchain Total Solution Provider aims to be an infrastructure of the Thai blockchain ecosystem by allowing anyone to interact with decentralized applications, has been operating for 1 year since 28th April 2022.

In the past 1 year, there were several special events on Bitkub Chain.

The first block on Bitkub Chain

To begin with, the first block on Bitkub Chain was generated on 28th April 2021, 1:23 PM. via Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus which was validated by 11 Node Validators to strengthen a network protocol on Bitkub Chain. This event was the beginning of a big move on Bitkub Chain.

Bitkub Chain Scan (BKC Scan)

Within the same day (28th April 2021), Bitkub Chain Scan (BKC Scan) publicly opened for the first time and let the users access to the digital token contract address in which they can monitor the blockchain transactions via “Bitkub Chain Block Explorer Mainnet”. For instance, the users can monitor the block minting rate, transaction and digital tokens. Bitkub Chains scan also provide the testnet for developer named “Bitkub Chain Testnet” to effectively run and test the project on Bitkub Chain.

Digital asset wallet (Bitkub NEXT)

On 7th May 2021, Bitkub NEXT, the digital asset wallet on Bitkub Chain was publicly announced. Initially, Bitkub NEXT can only use via web browser and android application in which the IOS application will be launched soon according to the roadmap. At present, Bitkub NEXT can be globally used for 80 countries and there are about 933,141 users on Bitkub NEXT. (*Updated on 25th April 2022)

FANS Token

On the same day (7th May 2022), FANS Token, digital collectible and non-fungible token (NFTs) market, was also publicly announced. FANS Token marketplace operates on transparent and secure blockchain technology. To clarify, FANS Token is an official encrypted digital currency within the FANS Ecosystem, which includes a few key elements, including but not limited to token distribution system, digital wallet, trading platform, digital asset creation platform, NFT marketplace, community platform, as well as reward redemption mechanism. The users can enjoy several activities from Thai influencer such as Kaykai Salaider, Bie The Ska, Pleum VRZO, Kyutae Oppa and SpriteDer SPD.

KUB Coin

Followed by the announcement of KUB coin, a native coin on Bitkub Chain for several utilities such as gas fee, fee credits, lock & drop and redemption for partners’ services and products. KUB coin initially open for trading on 20th May 2021 on Bitkub Exchange.

Developer Program

On 20th May 2021, Bitkub Blockchain Technology announced “Developer Program” for blockchain developer. The developer program contains several tools such as API references, Bitkub Chain testnet, and project identification and registration. This will give a good opportunity to blockchain developers to effectively develop the project on Bitkub Chain.

PUBG esports NFT

On 17th August 2021, PUBG esports NFT was publicly announced under a cooperation between Bitkub Blockchain Technology and Invate x FPS Thailand. The several NFTs special cards includes player cards, caster cards, item cards and weapon cards were minted and airdropped to the users via QR scanning. This event was a big move of esports industry as being an early stage mover of minting new digital asset via the supportance from smart contract and blockchain technology.

Lock KUB & Get BONUS

On 1st September 2021, Lock KUB and Get BONUS feature, one of the main utility of KUB coin was publicly announced. It is the first activity on Bitkub Chain opened for investors to lock KUB as bonus earning rewards. At present, there are 2 types of bonus which are KBTC and KUSDT (wrapped coins with KAP-20 technology).

Miss Universe Thailand NFTs collection (MUT NFT)

On 7th October 2021, MUT NFTs collection was officially announced under the supportance from Bitkub Blockchain Technology. The collections regards to Miss Universe Thailand 2021 pageant with a special value given to the main collectors and fans. Miss Universe Thailand NFTs collection developed by Bitkub Blockchain Technology under decentralized network protocol called “blockchain”. The collectors and fans can feel a sense of the value and story alongwith getting closer to the contestants. Moreover, not only MUT NFTs collection was minted but the MUT crown item was specially introduced for gamer in Morning Moon Village as the special collection items.

Morning Moon Village

A month later, on 26th October 2021, Morning Moon Village, the first GameFi on Bitkub Chain was publicly announced. It is an exploration farming game which revolutionizes the traditional DeFi yield-farming project with gaming mechanics and full 3D graphics. The game features NFT rewards in which the players can leverage the NFTs during the farming process.

Bitkub NFT

Along with the announcement of Bitkub NFT on 26th October 2021. The primary non-fungible token (NFTs) platform that uses blockchain technology for data storage and maintains transaction record. It allows the users to virtually owned digital assets without consent from any entity. Indeed, it is the platform where NFTs are more than digital arts. As a result, Bitkub NFT is a big move on Thai’s NFTs market as followed by the new feature and innovations in the future.

Bacon Time : Cheers to Earn

On 3th February 2022, Bitkub Blockchain Technology together with Bacon Time revolutionized esports industry again and publicly announced “Cheers to Earn” activity. An activity for voting the score on ROV Pro League 2022 Summer by using Bitkub NEXT and earn a reward as KUB coins.

Thai League NFT

Within the same month (26th February 2022), “Thai League NFT” was publicly announced with the cooperation between Bitkub NFT and the Football Association of Thailand. The special 1.2 million NFTs comprising of top 16 Thai League football teams (Rivo Thai League) can be collected by the fans using Bitkub NEXT and enhance the new dimension of the experience of football supporters. In each NFT, there are a football power stat, which the fans can collect these NFTs to gain a top rank every month.

BKC Port

On 4th March 2022, Bitkub Ventures (under Bitkub Capital Holding Group) invests in Loremboard Co., Ltd., and officially announced “BKC Port”. BKC Port is the data analytics tools for investors to help in portfolio management. It is the platform on Bitkub Chain, which shows the overall asset to help monitor revenue, profits, loss, coin price, opportunity cost and other useful tools.

BKC Oracle

Followed by BKC Oracle on 25th March 2022, an important tool for developing smart contracts or dApps. It is a medium that bridges the data from off-chain to on-chain via smart contracts. This allows the blockchain developer to connect the secure and up-to-date data on Bitkub Chain infrastructure more easily. Also, BKC Oracle is the project developed by the Loremboard team via the support from Bitkub Venture, the venture capital company under Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd,. BKC Oracle will be the main infrastructure on Bitkub Chain connected the data from the real world to blockchain that supports blockchain developers to use the tools and platform more efficiently. The obvious example could be “Data Feeds”, the leading feature on BKC Oracle that can extract cryptocurrency price data from off-chain in real-time within a couple of minutes.

The first block on Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) consensus

On 1st April 2022, 5519559 is the first block on Bitkub Chain after a change from Proof-of-Authority (PoA) to Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) consensus under a new radical changes announcement of network’s protocol called “Erawan Hardfork’’. The purpose is to maximize the efficiency of the blockchain network and prepare for mass adoption in the near future.

With our intention, we thrive to be the digital infrastructure for mass adoption in Thailand and provide utility globally. With respect to our vision, we intend to democratize opportunities for everyone to have real ownership and rights to their own digital assets or creations transparently without the need to trust in any single entity. Everyone must be able to transact easily and swiftly without knowing that there is a blockchain behind. We have a tremendous desire to show real economic value via a real-life and impactful use case for businesses.

Follow us for our 2nd anniversary together with news and update on Bitkub Chain

Website : https://www.bitkubchain.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bitkubchainofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bitkubchain

Discord : ​​https://discord.gg/WkJ6j279

Telegram : https://t.me/+jiM6dAP5cxUzZTM1



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BITKUB CHAIN Power by Bitkub Blockchain Technology

BITKUB CHAIN Power by Bitkub Blockchain Technology

Established in April 2021. Bitkub Chain aims to lay the foundation of the local Blockchain ecosystem in Thailand.